Native Plants

At Feldman Design Studios we primarily work with native Texas and well-adapted plants. These plants generally require less maintenance, are more disease resistant and can be quite drought tolerant. Native plants thrive in our Texas climate because they are indigenous to this climate and our soils.

We can create year around interest in your landscape with a well-selected palette of native and well- adapted plants. The early spring blooms of flowering trees are followed by splashes of color from perennials throughout our spring and summer. Summer gives way to the color of autumn flowers and the delicate seed plumes of native grasses that extend beautifully into the winter. You can always have something to enjoy.

Native plants provide food and shelter for wildlife. Your landscape can be beautiful and attract wildlife with a creative selection and placement of native plants, right in your own backyard.

For more information on Native Plants, click on this link: Native Plant Society of Texas.